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Peppy Love is a unique proprietary product of Nonu and was created for one reason; to make Indian men happy and healthy


The most authentic men's wellness platform

Nonu was started with the goal of solving men's issues the right way. Today, we have successfully solved the issues of 30000+ men through the most effective combination of doctors, medicines, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The men's wellness revolution has just begun and we won't stop until every man is happy and healthy.

By bringing together quality medical advice, scientific solutions, Ayurveda and lifestyle changes, we can effectively solve all of the men's personal issues.

We were the first ones in India to offer free medical consultations. Not only that we take ownership like no one else. Our team of dedicated health assistants follow up with you on a regular basis to collect data, track progress and ensure that the problem is solved the right way.

We are a passionate group of sons, fathers, grandfathers and brothers working day and night to provide the best life for our fellow Indian men.

Nonu is here for you

For centuries men and their sensitive personal issues were ignored. We suffered under the societal pressure of men should not cry.

Not anymore! #Mardkobhidardhotahai

We decided to stand with Indian men. We provide the most authentic products along with ease of online doctor consultation and guidance to help men rebuild themselves.

Our Mission

Cheers to a happy, healthy & handsome you !!!

Let us take care of you.

Peppy Love

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Peppy Love

Peppy Love is a unique proprietary product of Nonu Care - India's most authentic men's wellness company.

Nonu Care specializes in solving sensitive issues of men using doctor consultations, medicines and ayurveda.

With offices in USA and India, Nonu Care has solved more than 30000+ men's problems successfully and is recognized globally for it's pioneering work.